Music Monday: Funeral Party – Finale

I’ve just noticed that the time is 11:37pm and I’ve yet to do my weekly ‘Music Monday’ blog post! Well not to worry, I’ve had this one saved up for...

I’ve just noticed that the time is 11:37pm and I’ve yet to do my weekly ‘Music Monday’ blog post! Well not to worry, I’ve had this one saved up for nearly a week now and its a cracker.

The song in question is called “Finale” and is by a band called “Funeral Party”. I found this song thanks to the almighty StumbleUpon. I was bored one evening and I thought I would stumble through Youtube videos and then this song came up and I was hooked from the beginning. Since I have only really just found out about this band, this is my first Music Monday with what I consider a new artist. By this I mean that I’ve only just heard of them and no nothing about their back story or discography. Unlike my last two Music Mondays, this song tails of into the indie rock genre where a lot of things these days seem to sound the same. Which is why I tend to stay away from it. However, this song does have originality with the singer having a unique voice for the music. The added keyboard in the songs adds that little bit extra that makes it stand out. It’s a really nice tune to have on while you do other things or just to listen to, it’s quite upbeat and so should help put you in a good mood =]

Since I have only just heard of this band I don’t really have that much more to say. I suggest you take a listen and make your own decision on it. I can’t find any chords or tabs this week for this song so there isn’t a link for that.


i always knew we would end up just like this
so pour me one last drink with a final kiss
things always end up hit or miss
i’d love to tell you yeah lets reminisce
And all the words that we couldn’t say
in the backyards where we used to stay
and so your parents are on there way home again
im so sorry that it had to end

and we’ll run back where we started from
we’re never leavin yeah we just begun
supplies were endless but we just have none
you sleep your whole life and you called it fun

so wake up kid and realize you life
we’re movin closer to your demise
you getting out a familiar way
so world and stars and it’s gonna stay[?]

your singin
you are young and so am i
so take my hands and we can try
you are young and so am i
we’ll do all we want and take it while we lie

and your hairs all gray and your shoes are worn
and the books you’ve read with the pages torn
you saw one person you never knew
it told you what to look forward to

and when you woke up in your sad demise
we’re movin closer to the end of your life

we’re getting out of your way
we’re movin out at the end of day

we are the voices under the tracks
drawing you forward, pushing you back [x10]

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