Meta Tags Explained – Part 2

As you can guess from the “part 2″ in the title, this post is a follow up from my original Meta Tags post. In this post, I will continue to...

As you can guess from the “part 2″ in the title, this post is a follow up from my original Meta Tags post. In this post, I will continue to describe to you some more meta tags that you may find useful when designing and building your own web page.

Meta Name Author
Importance: Low

This tag is basically a way to show off who made your web page. Whether this be you or someone else. This tag has no baring on your search engine ranking but it’s a handy one to put into your code, especially if you are a web programmer. If someone was to stumble across a site and really liked the design they can look into the code to see who made it and perhaps commission you to make a site for them.

<meta name = “author” content = “yourtexthere” >

In the above example you simply want to replace “yourtexthere” with your own name or your companies name. It might even be a good idea if you are making web pages for others, that you put in your website address in here as well as your name so people know where to find you.

Meta Name Contact
Importance: Low

This tag is very similar to the above author tag but just allows you to put in an email address. The idea behind this was similar to what I described at the end of the last tag, you would use the author tag to say who build the site and the contact tag to show how to contact them.

<meta name = “contact” content = “”>

Once again, simply replace the content part “” with your own email address and you are good to go. At this point though I would like to say its not all plain sailing. To use this meta tag these days is to send your email account to an early grave as spam bots are built to look for this tag, and if they find it they will be relentless in their assault on your inbox. I would strongly avoid using this tag but instead do what I suggest in the author tag. Have an address to your site and form there have an obvious and easy way to contact you that doesn’t involve having your email stored in plain text on the site.

Meta Name Rating
Importance: Low

You would think that this tag is all about rating how awesome and amazing  your site is, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This meta tag is a lot like movie certificates or a rating on a video game. It tells you how appropriate the site is through a rating system. This tag has no influence on your search engine ranking, UNLESS YOU USE THIS IN THE WRONG WAY. I’ve put that last point in capitals because it’s very important. If you have an adult site and say that it’s safe for kids you’ll find yourself on the end of a lifetime ban and nobody wants that.

<meta name =“rating” content = “value” >

The following values are permitted to be used with this meta tag

  • General
  • Mature
  • Restricted
  • 14 Years
  • Safe for Kids

I’m sure you know what to do now on how to edit the above example to make your own tag, simply replace “value” with any of the above values. I say any, but you really should use the most appropriate. If you aren’t 100% sure on what tag to use either leave this tag out or use “General”.

I’m going to leave it at that for today as again it’s a lot of text to take in. I have at least one more post about some important meta tags in the pipeline with possibly another after that, depends on how well these are received.

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